Women’s Day – Does it mean anything?

Today is Women’s Day and all girls are exchanging wishes with each other; along with that, all the men are sending generic pictures, gifs and messages to all the female contacts on their list. But what is the significance behind it?

On every March 8th, you will see there is special sale for women, everything will be decorated in pink, women would be treated in a good way everywhere and will receive special attention today. But my question is… why does this happen only on one day? Why do we need a set date to appreciate the women in life?

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Planning a vacation and execution (Guide for Indians)

As the festive season is starting now, we all will be planning for vacations, and planning a vacation involves a lot of tasks. We all are excited to go on a vacation and below are some of the situations we face during the planning process:

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BODY SHAMING & COLOURISM! – A new way of bullying?

In today’s world, we all have a right to speak anything we want but sometimes we overpower the right of someone else by passing comments about racism, body shaming, colourism – just to seem cool in front of others. Why? Do you even realize how the other person would feel by the comments you make? Will they be happy to receive all those hurtful comments from you? Think again!

Words are used for people based on their size, height or color. If you are dark, your nickname instantly becomes “kaalu/kaali”; if you are healthy, your nickname would be “motu/moti”, “haathi”, and all the fat things in the world; if you are short, you instantly become “chhotu/chhoti”; if you are skinny, they will start calling you “skeleton”. Who said their name is some stupid nickname that you gave them based on their appearance? They have been given a name at birth and you don’t really need to give them such “COOL” nicknames.

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Modern-day Relations – The Bitter Truth

If you Google the meaning of the word “relation”, you will get its definition as ‘the way in which two or more people or things are connected‘. But if we really talk about relations in today’s generation, we will all have different definitions for the same eight-letter word. This is because everyone has different expectations and experiences for them and this post describes about some of those in brief.

Relations are of following types in general and have specific traits associated to them: Friends – Friendship, Boyfriend/Girlfriend – Commitment, Relatives – Family Relation, and Colleagues – Work Relation.

Now the above gives us an idea about the types of relations we all carry in our lives but do you know what these relationships hold for us in today’s world? Don’t you agree that the relations these days have lost personal touch, all thanks to social media and ego. Let’s discuss how the above relations have become nowadays.

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Goa is calling!

This post is about my Goa visit. It’s almost going to be a month of my visit so thought of sharing the experience I had.
Day 1 Monday: Airport and Hotel

We had booked an AirAsia flight to Goa from Bangalore. Booked 3 tickets but seats were not allotted together. On top of that, in order to reserve a seat, they were charging extra money. I didn’t know that to book your seat in a flight, you need to pay money. Never have I ever paid it before. Thankfully, on the flight, someone offered me the window seat and honestly, it made me feel so special and happy. Sitting on the window seat I clicked a lot of pictures of the clouds and it was a calm view. I could also see the Sun as we landed around Sunset time.

After landing in Goa, we took a cab from Goa airport to our hotel in Colva. Drive was superb, it was dark outside but South Goa is a very calm, silent place – away from the busy city life.
Day 2 Tuesday: Old Goa, Panaji, Dona Paula

Next morning, we woke up early and went to the beach for a morning walk and it was lovely sight. On our way back to hotel, we had a coffee with nice beach view. *true bliss*

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Life @ Mumbai & now Bangalore!!!

I came to Bangalore one year ago and this is what I wrote about the part of my life I spent in Mumbai:

“Was 16 when I came here, just like a normal teenager, had big dreams about life in Mumbai and now going away when I’m 21 years and 9 months old. They rightly say that “Mumbai is a city of dreams” as many things got fulfilled here. Completed my 12th, graduation, first job, driving license, passport, international visit; so many things in 5 and a half years. 5 and a half years seems like a long time but for me it is like lifetime.

Came from India Gate to Gateway of India. From 011 to 022. From Chandni Chowk to Khao Gali. From mountains to beaches. From golgappa to panipuri. From cholle bhatura to vada pav. Made so many friends, learnt lessons in life, laughed, cried, fought, left friends, became strong, got rid of selfish people, made friends for life, found soulmates, got attached to work life. Now leaving this city and feeling nostalgic about the time spent here. I can’t rewind the time but at least I am taking all the beautiful memories with me for life. Time spent at work was fun too; so many parties, so much work, so much masti, taking calls, training batches, supporting teams; everything comes in a flashback today and got tears in my eyes. Goodbye Mumbai, aamchi Mumbai. Will come back soon. Do miss me.
From a Delhiite-Mumbaikar-Bangalorean, Aarti Khera”

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Love is everywhere, just need to believe!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and couples would be so excited to celebrate it in their own ways. But what about others? Some would be happy that they may get to meet someone new, some would be sad that they don’t have anyone to celebrate this day with. But do you think that we all need to be in a relationship to enjoy this day of love?

Well, the answer is no. It’s human nature that we don’t value what we already have in life and always want more and more. But what if the things we don’t value are the best things for us? We often realize the importance of what we have when we lose it, when it becomes past. Why wait for it to become “past” of our life when we can value it when it’s a “part” of our life?

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